Adding Back Button in SceneSelector setup


I built an sample app using the ARDK examples package. I setup the SceneSelector scene and add all relevant scenes to the build.

I found a bit irritating to go to a scene, play a bit with it, and then there is no way to come back to SceneSelector scene other than killing the app and relaunch it.

I have quickly setup a Back Button using DontDestroyOnLoad but I think that adding this to the sample SelectorScene could be a nice and easy improvements for ARDK examples (+ maybe a little editor script to add all ARDK examples scenes to the build :wink: ).

Best, Alexis

Hello Alexis,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Your idea has been submitted for review.

Hi! Just sharing a quick tip on an easy (if manual) way of adding all of the ARDK example scenes to a build.

  1. In the Project window, search for t:scene
  2. Open Build Settings
  3. Select, and then drag all of the scenes in the Project window into the Scenes In Build box in Build Settings
  4. Drag the SceneSelector scene to the top of the Scenes In Build

Then, when you build and run on a device you’ll get the scene selector, with all of the scenes ready to try out. To go back to the scene selector after launching a scene you can just 5-finger tap the screen.

Hope this helps!

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