Adding reference to the library

As you can see in the picture, if I want to edit the script inside the ARDK folder, I have to add the definition references. For example TMpro I am able to load it because the script inside the TMpro is using a definition file.

However, now that I have a plugin, it doesn’t have a definition file, it simply uses the firstpass.dll, I can use the class in the script that is outside the ARDK file. But when the script is inside the ARDK file. It can only use the script that are defined in the ARDK-example file. As I said before, the script that I’m trying to use doesn’t have a definition file so I can’t add it to the ARDK-Examples Assembly Definition Reference. In this case, how can I reference the script that I want to use?

Hello Sin,

In order to assist you further on this, I require the following information:

  1. What Unity version / ARDK version are you using?
  2. Are you importing the Example package using the Assets > Import Package > Custom Package method or copy/pasting the script file into your own asset folder?


nvm, I solve it, basically just go to ADRK assembly definition asset to add assembly definition reference

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