After uploading a private scan of full length mesh,when processing is completes, only a few area

Description of the issue:

  1. After uploading a private scan of a fully detailed mesh, the processing completes but only a small portion of the area generates the mesh, leaving most of it missing. why it happend?
  2. Is there an option to take a backup of scans in the Niantic app? Currently, after the upload is complete, the scans are automatically deleted?

Hello Techdesignfriend1,

  1. Are you trying to scan a very large area? Scanned areas should not exceed a 10 meter diameter, and you must be walking around the scene rather than just moving your device. Please review our Scanning Best Practices and read through the Private Scans documentation to verify that you have the best technique when scanning. Moving slowly and smoothly and providing sufficient lighting is also vital to creating quality scans.
  2. Scans will disappear from the Wayfarer app’s Logbook once they have been uploaded successfully, but you can review all your submissions and download the meshes from your Geospatial Browser. Please see the below screenshot for where to find your Private scans.