App Freezes when enabling meshing in Multiplayer

Meshing & Multipeer
ARDK 1.1.0
Unity 2020.3.f.1
iPhone 11

Hello, I’m not sure if this is related to updating to ARDK 1.1.0 but my app has started freezing - 100% reproducibly when I enable meshing after joining a multiplier networking session.
This only happens on my iPhone 11 - not on my iPhone 13 Pro.
As a test I modified the HLAPI Pong demo - I added a button, a single script and the default ARMesh prefab.
The only change i made to the prefab was to turn off “manage with Unity lifecycle.”

the script only had the function to enable meshing which I attempt to do thus:

public void EnableMeshing()
        if (ARWorldTrackingConfigurationFactory.CheckMeshingSupport())
  • and what I’m seeing is that if I enable meshing before hitting the pong “JOIN” button - then it works fine - when the ar session starts up it’s meshing - but if I hit it after the session has already started (and it’s trying to sync - whatever state it’s in (stable etc)) - then the app freezes completely - and the last message i see in Xcode is

#Niantic.ARDK.AR._NativeARSession#: Running _NativeARSession with options: None
Niantic.ARDK.AR._NativeARSession:Run(IARConfiguration, ARSessionRunOptions)

I tried enabling the Niantic.ARDK.Extensions.Meshing log feature but i’m not seeing any meshing related output.

(I only actually moved the enabling of the meshing to after players had synced because of this bug:ARMesh + ARNetworking Bug - #10 by Ross_Styants1)

Thanks for any help!

Hi Ross,

Thanks for your patience. You can try enabling the “manage with Unity lifecycle” in the ARMeshManager prefab since this will enable the ARMeshManager automatically. If the crash doesn’t occur on the higher end device then you may be running into a memory related issue.

Hi @Ross_Styants1,

The issue you were facing related to AR meshing should be fixed in ARDK 1.3 release. Thank you for your patience.

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