ARDK 3.6 stops Image Tracking from working

  • Issue category: ARDK Image tracking
  • Device type & OS version: Samsung A33 Android 14
  • Host machine & OS version: Windows 10
  • Issue Environment : On Device
  • ARDK version: 3.6.0-2406141834
  • Unity version: 2022.3.32f1 & 2022.3.2f1

Bug reproduction steps:
Create a new project and add ARFoundation and ARDK from the supplied git url link on the ARDK setup page.
Setup a scene with a tracking image using the one.png image from the ARFoundation demo.
Once built to device if the XR settings have the ARCore ticked it can track images properly, however if the Naintic Lightship SDK + Google ARCore is ticked the image tracking stops working.

There doesn’t seem to be any error messages in the Android Logcat when running on the device.

We’re wanting to use Lightship as we want to add the mesh generation and use the image target as a world center similar to the SharedAR demo, but with no image tracking we have no way of doing this.

It’s been tested this in the same project only changing the XR settings between these two options (Naintic Lightship SDK + Google ARCore & Google ARCore).
There seems to be two other cases in the forums with poeple seeming to have a similar issue:

I seem to have managed to get it working in 2022.3.2f1
I was able to get both Google ARCore & Niantic LightshipSDK + Google ARCore ticked at the same time in the build settings and it now seems to be working even after unchecking the Google ARCore. and making a normal build.


We’ve been looking into this issue. At the moment the cause appears to be that the image library isn’t being created with Lightship. We’re still looking into the cause since it isn’t a widespread issue; it happens to some users but not others. I was wondering how you managed to get both ticked at the same time? Typically you should only be able to select one at a time.


I was able to get them both ticked by first installing and making a build with just Google ARCore to make sure the images and tracking worked. Then I installed Lightship from the git URL and made a new built o test whether just adding Lightship was causing the problem the build still worked and the Niantic Lightship SDK + Google ARCore was still unchecked.
Then while leaving the base Google ARCore checked I also checked Niantic Lightship SDK + Google ARCore which didn’t try to uncheck the plain Google ARCore. I then made a build like that and it all seemed to work.
I have since unchecked the Google ARCore and the project still builds and works properly. It now also prevents me from being able to check Google ARCore when I have Lightship enabled.