ARDK 3: Black screen when building to device using URP

Please note that this article is for ARDK 3 ONLY. If you’re having issues with URP on ARDK 2, please have a look at our URP guide for ARDK 2.

When using URP along with ARDK 3, there is an additional render feature that must be added to your URP asset in order to get a picture when building to your device. By default, URP isn’t packaged with it and it’s only downloaded when adding AR Foundation to your project (which ARDK 3 downloads as a dependency)

If you created your own URP Asset, the renderer asset will be located in the same spot where you created the URP Asset. If you created your project using the Unity URP template and plan on using the URP assets it supplies, then, per the image below you can find the assets under the Settings folder in your Assets.

Once you select your renderer, to the right you will see its details in the inspector. Click the button at the bottom to add a new Render Feature and add the AR Background Renderer