ARDK API key wont save in unity Macos Big Sur

Anyone else experiencing this that the API key won’t save the settings file? This has happened in multiple projects. I wonder if the file is being set to read-only when it’s created?

Hello Preston,

We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your API key. We need to collect some information from you. Could you please give us your ARDK version, your Unity version, your device type & OS version, and your Host Machine and OS version? This will help us determine how to assist you further.

Changes to scriptable objects often wont “flush to disk” until File → Save Project is run. To rule this out, try running File → Save Project to see if it results in a local diff (assuming repo is version controlled).

As an aside for Niantic - some feedback for later on packaging/immutability for SDK deployment to developers: Eventually, moving the SDK and samples to a UPM Package feed could support better version controlled distribution to developers.

The immutable package route also provides the advantage of clearly communicating what files are OK to edit/modify. In order to support this style of deployment, workflows like the API Key scriptable object could be improved by generating a console warning or exception if the file resides in an immutable location, but must support being written to.

The UPM packing workflow also supports embedding samples that can be installed to a mutable location (Assets) through the Package Manger interface.

So after I did this build, it did save the key. I did also go into settings and turned on read/write permissions for that file to see if that might solve the issue. It looks like it did work. It’s odd though as I’ve never run into these issues in the past with setting a scriptable / asset and saving it.

I’m using unity 2019.4.32f1 - LTS (the current latest LTS) with a URP render pipeline.

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