ARDK Version 2.3 is Here

Lightship ARDK v2.3 has arrived, bringing with it a whole bunch of experimental tools for developers. Here’s what’s new:

Semantic confidence (experimental)
We now support returning a non-thresholded semantic mask that will return the per pixel confidence for a given channel. This can be used to produce better alphaing/feathering of the edges on semantic masks.

Occlusion stabilization (experimental)
To improve the quality of occlusions, we have an option to blend between instant depth and mesh depth. This means static objects get very stable occlusions, while for dynamic objects, the instant depth will be used.

Increased meshing distance (experimental)
These options allow developers to configure meshing settings based on the type of application they are making. While the current meshing solution limits you to a ~5m radius with small, high detail voxels, you can optimize your experience to have larger meshed regions at a lower fidelity. This is particularly useful in large outdoor environments.

Additional semantic channels (experimental)
We’re releasing 10 new semantic channels to get feedback on how useful they are. This will help us improve their quality and know which ones to focus on in future releases. There are experimental channels for ‘flower’, ‘pet’, ‘food’, and more.

You can read the full details in the release notes. Until next time! ARDK 2.3.0 Release Notes 2022-09-27 — Niantic Lightship Augmented Reality Developer Kit release-2.3 documentation

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