ARDKExamples Missing Script on SessionIDField

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  • Issue category: Multiplayer / Networking
  • ARDK version: 1.2.0

Hi! I’m stating a new project with multiplayer / networking and I followed the firsts steps of the “Pong” tutorial, reusing the prefabs you made in the ARDKExamples v1.2.0. I saw that their is a missing script on the SessionIDField prefab. There is no errors in the console, just a missing script.

So I was wondering what was supposed to be attached here?


Hi Angeline, thanks for your bug report.

The missing script on the SessionIDField prefab, is still missing from the pong example and I cant get a connection to the session can you please advise what the script is. (its also missing in PongHLAPI)

It is unclear how to get the project to work.
Shows as “not connected”
SessionID is greyed out - but what to add to make it work.

Kind regards