ARNetworking – user not responding after user screen sleep/awake

When connected the multiplayer session, all peer ready and synced pose.
If either user screen sleep and awake, the session will still displaying it is alive but it is disappeared and not in sync anymore.

Bug reproduction steps:

  1. Build and Run example scene ARNetworking.scene
  2. Connect the multiplayer session
  3. Make sure the pose are in sync
  4. Sleep either of user’s device and awake
  5. The user pose is not updated to the network anymore

Hello Alexson,

The issues you’re describing sound like they can be addressed by following this guide on setting up the network connection on a Peer 2 Peer model instead. Please have a look at this guide and try the steps on a fresh Unity project or scene (in case they don’t work so that you don’t introduce any new issues into your main project/ scene) and let me know if they resolve your issue.