Bad Meshes/Scans of Location

I am attempting to get several locations scanned sufficiently enough to achieve a “good” VPS rating, but have only been able to achieve “fair”.

One issue I believe might be causing an issue is people before me submitting bad/invalid scans where they essentially drag their camera across the ground to get the in game rewards and do not look at the waypoint or move around it.

This causes many of the meshes to be flat surfaces with the sidewalk which I believe may be counting against the VPS Quality Rating.

I have one location in particular with several scans that very clearly show the waypoint and surrounding environment, but then some meshes are flat curb/sidewalk meshes.

I may also not understand how the rating works and these may not be working against me, but I have scanned and rescanned a couple points of interest quite a few times across different lighting and I am trying to figure out what I need to be doing differently.

Hello David,

Are you attempting to scan through one of Niantic’s games? I noticed you said something about in game rewards. Or are you using the Scanning Framework in your project/ game and user scans are not coming out at a good enough quality?

I am personally submitting a mixture of scans from Ingress and the Wayfarer application. Hundreds at this point.

All of the scans submitted by me are of the Wayspot and seem to be creating some high quality meshes. I am also able to test the localization at several of the spots and it succeeds within a couple seconds easily.

The issue is that other players use the scan feature just to access in game rewards. Instead of scanning the actual Wayspot, they scan the ground around their feet to get enough “data” for a scan. Which causes several invalid meshes that are flat surfaces with a texture of the grass at their feet or the sidewalk.

I am wondering (since I have decent meshes of several Wayspots and can localize easily at many of these “fair” rated locations) if these low quality scans that create meshes that are not of the Wayspot are counting against the quality rating. If so, there should be some way to report/remove an intentionally bad scan that made no attempt to see the Wayspot.