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Description of the issue:

Issue 1: Unable to get authentication code since using another person ipad to download the software for scanning.

Issue 2: Upon scanning, when enterung my API key in Unity. How do I get my scanned model to appear.

Hi @Ravinan_Kumar!

In order to generate private scans that are usable by your Lightship application, you will need to use the same account for both generating the API key and for signing in to the Wayfarer app to generate the private scans. Private scans that are generated by one account will not be usable by another account, so you’ll want to ensure that you’re using the same account for both processes.

Once you’ve generated a private scan via the Wayfarer app, you can access and download your private meshes from the My Meshes tab in the Lightship portal in case you want to examine the mesh or use it in your application.

Thank you.
Im aware of the single account usage but will find the process to load the meshes.
Is it capable to export it as a standalone app or would it have to be on the niatic app (with vps)

Does VPS Lightship have any constraints on location for example, Thailand?

At this time, service in Thailand is supported by Lightship VPS. If you’d like to see accurate real-time information on the state of VPS-activated wayspots anywhere in the world, you may refer to the VPS Coverage Map located in the Lightship developer portal here.