Brothers, ask a novice question

It is normal for me to use Virtual Studio in Unity, may I ask what operations I need to do when I pack to Android phone so that I can play multiplayer games with other phones

After the ’Pong’ case is built on the mobile phone, it will appear not connected, but after a while, it will appear Failed to download resources needed to run AR Multiplayer, Where can I run AR Multiplayer? Thanks!

Hello 孟令璞 ,

Using Virtual Studio is totally normal. Virtual Studio adds two methods (Remote and Mock) of running AR and networking functionality to improve the experience of developing with ARDK in Unity. Both methods eliminate some steps from the iteration loop required to test code changes in your application, allowing you to develop without sinking time into building and deploying your app to the device.

For Remote Mode it’s important to build an instance of the Remote Debugger on the device, though this only needs to be done once per device. Currently, only USB (Remote) connection is supported, though wireless support will be added soon.

May I ask, how are you attempting to connect devices? What type of devices are you using? What version of the Unity editor are you using? For the Ping Pong demo there are actually two different examples that explore ways to test network and multiplayer interactivity. Which are you testing?

Here are a few resources you may find useful:

Hello Erik_Brown,

The unity version I use is 2021.1.15, which is built on an Android phone. I am testing the Ping Pong demo of the low-level network.
Does this demo only use USB for testing?
Excuse me, which demo can build an Android phone for online testing?

thank you for your reply. I also want to ask a question. I am in China now, can I use the network functions provided by your ARDK? Because I currently use a proxy server to access your website, this question is very important to us

Lightship network functionality through proxy servers is not currently supported, and we can’t guarantee that it will work.

  • Excuse me,Could you tell me when the Internet service functions will be opened to China?