Can I request the deletion of a VPS model?


Description of the issue:
I activated a wayspot at 48.538349, -121.758867
that used scans made by other people. When it received a Good rating I tested it when it went active in your products, however I could not get it to work. I submitted the minimal scans for reactivation and thats when the problem started.

I dont think what I scanned (object in the waystops picture) is the same as whatever players scanned and its broken something. The activation process has been stuck for over three weeks while much later activations and reactivations have gone through just fine.

If you reset the VPS model for this location, I can start over with proper working scans. At minimum can you cancel the reactivation?

Hi MagusOfTAC,

It looks like a bug caused the activation process to hang for you – that has since been fixed. You should now be able to add more scans. Also, as a word of advice, it would help with localization if you scan a bit further away at about a 5 meter radius in a snowglobe shape as well as continue making scans in the same fashion as you were before. Five more scans and you should be ready to go!

Kind Regards,
Maverick L.