Can I use ARDK without ARCore on Android devices?

Include the following details (edit as applicable):

  • Issue category: Real-time Mapping-Depth / ARDK Documentation
  • Device type & OS version: Android
  • Host machine & OS version: Windows / Linux
  • Issue Environment : On Device / Dev Portal
  • Xcode version:
  • ARDK version:
  • Unity version: 2021.3.6f1

Description of the issue:

When I read about the part of Runtime Requirements, I noticed that some features (Depth, Occlusion, Meshing, Semantic Segmentation) do not require ARCore Supported Devices. Thus, if I only want to use these features, can I use ARDK without ARCore?

The reason why I have this question is that my team and I are currently developing our own AR device which is Android OS. Before we pass Google CTS/GTS verifications, our devices do not have Google Play Store, that is, we do not have ARCore. Therefore, I would like to make sure whether I am correct or not?


Hi TeJen. Unfortunately, ARCore is integrated into some of Lightship’s basic AR functionality and feeds into the other features. It’s unlikely to work on a device that doesn’t have ARCore installed

Hi Bill,

Ok, I see. Thanks for your answer.

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