Can we use ARDK on Oculus?

Can we use ARDK with Oculus? Especially we want to use VPS, Image detection system. I saw that ARDK will be supported in snapdragon HMD later, but i am asking the question because in ARDK 3.0 it says ARFoundation is compatible.

It was not possible in ardk 2.x, but 3.x might be interested.
Let’s see what the team says (replied to get a notification for replies)

Hi Olivia, you can use all of AR Foundation’s capabilities together with ARDK now but our tools are still built for mobile devices and do not support Oculus directly. Thank you for keeping an eye on new developments. We’ll continue expanding Lightship’s capabilities as fast as we can.


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Is this tested and did it not work or not tested and just no guarantees?

Hello everyone!

I am definitely also interested in the opportunity to run ARDK on devices such as Quest, HoloLens or other XR Headset.

This idea came to me after finding out that ARFoundation can now run on Quest devices,(in a limited way) courtesy of its integration with OpenXR.

So I thought: ARDK 3.0 supports ARFoundation, and ARFoundation in turn supports OpenXR for Quest. Could it work?

ARDK 3.0 - ARFoundation - OpenXR - Quest Devices (There’s no fault in this logic)

Trying to materialize this idea, I installed both ARDK 3.0 and Meta OpenXR on a new project without running into any problems and the fact that there were no errors during the APK compilation gave me some hope.


However, upon installing it on my Oculus Quest, the program got stuck at the loading points.

Upon a detailed examination of the logs, I discovered that the program got stuck during the XRCameraConfiguration selection. This function, used by Niantic to adjust the ARCore image resolution for VPS support, seems to be the root of the problem, as Quest devices are not compatible with ARCore, on which ARDK is based.

An alternative approach would be to use MRTK, which also allows integration with ARFoundation, but here we encounter the same problem: compatibility with OpenXR/ARCore. (Not tested)
ARDK 3.0 - ARFoundation - MRTK - Quest Devices

Even though ARDK is primarily designed for mobile devices, I recently came across an intriguing video showing Niantic’s director playing Pokémon GO on a HoloLens II.

Knowing that HoloLens operates through OpenXR, I can’t help but wonder:

Is there a version of ARDK compatible with OpenXR somewhere in the Niantic team?

In summary, the possibility of running ARDK on devices such as Quest or HoloLens seems to be within our grasp, but we are still facing certain technical challenges that need to be overcome. But undoubtedly a possible solution could be ARDK compatibility with OpenXR.

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Hi Sergio, I checked back with engineering on this. As of this moment ARDK 3.0 is in its second phase of Beta and Occulus support is not indicated in its hardware recommendations. There are some public indications that Oculus and other wearable devices may be added in the future. Please keep an eye on these forums for info about future releases