Create Additional Screens in the app using ARDK/Lightship

I’m trying to make an app wherein the user can login and interact with the app. And in one screen/page, the users can use the Lightship AR Features. The ARDK is running successfully, however when I follow the steps on how to integrate Swift (iOS) and Unity, the app seems to crash. ARDK isn’t supported when Unity is used as a library. Is there any workaround this problem, so that I can create additional screens for the app that uses ARDK. I want to create this app for both Android and iOS.
Thank You

You should definitely give flutter a look for native app development, it’s multi-platform as well so you can build to iOS or Android. The plugin we use as a starting point is this one: GitHub - juicycleff/flutter-unity-view-widget: Embeddable unity game engine view for Flutter. Advance demo here

Hi Shikhar, checking back in on this question. Was Flutter a better fit for your project or are you still having integration issues?

I still haven’t tried using Flutter as I generally develop apps using Java (android) or Swift(iOS).
Integrating the Unity Project with Swift was fairly easy, however I’m still stuck integrating the Unity Project with the Android App.