Creating a portal / window within a mesh ardk3.0 and unity

Hi All

I have created a VPS with 3.0 and it works with a sample 3d object placed and appearing where I need it to be when running the app (yay!).

What I want to do next: My 3d object wants to be placed within the mesh with a ‘window’ that allows the user to look into it. Think - opening the door to a dolls house to view inside.

I am looking for a good tutorial link or a top level guide on how I could do this please. As a note, I have looked but most tutorials are 2015 - 2020 so a bit old(!).

Any help would be most gratefully received.

Many thanks for your time.

If you use URP (which I recommend), this is one of the best guides:

Of you have to work with the built in render pipeline the old videos should still work

Thanks for that. It worked perfectly! Here’s a short video of the result. Please excuse the bad video quality and the basic graphics. A good proof of concept that it works nicely. Onwards!


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Hey Gavin,

Just want to check in to see if Dylan’s suggestion worked out for you or if you still require assistance