Creating Wayspots within our app

This is really not a feature requests but is about an upcoming item in the roadmap, Lightship VPS General Availability, specifically about Incorporate Niantic’s AR scanning technology into your applications empowering users to extend VPS coverage by scanning locations.

I just want to ask clarification about that. Will the “AR scanning integrated in our app” replace the manual submission/nomination of a location as a Wayspot? If so, will the scanned locations be automatically considered or approved as a wayspot? Or will it still undergo approval? If it will undergo approval, will there be a webhook that our app can subscribe to, to know if a location has been approved or denied?

Hello Von,

I have passed along your questions to Niantic for clarification. It may take a couple days for them to respond due to the holiday, but I will update you here as soon as I hear back. Thank you for your patience!

Hello Von,

Thank you for your patience!

“AR scanning integrated in our app” will allow end users of third party apps to integrate scanning flows into their applications so their users can submit scans. This will replace the need to use Niantic applications to submit scans.

Yes, the current process of manually nominating a wayspot by submitting a .csv will be replaced. Submitting/nominating wayspots will instead be handled in the Wayfarer app. We are working on improvements to the Wayfarer app that will streamline the nomination, scanning, and activation of new wayspots. The user will receive a notification when their wayspot is approved or denied.

Please let me know if this answered your questions, or if you’d like further clarification. Thank you!

That is fantastic! Looking forward to the released date :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update @Stacy_Clifton !

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