Custom VPS points?

Is it possible to create an app that allows users to place their own anchors and relocalize? (Like azure spatial anchors) or it any release app limited to the “pokestops”?

For VPS to work it has to be a prescanned location. Either a public wayspot or private scan.

You can definitely make a system to have them place their own anchors however

Ah ok thanks I thought that pre scanning a custom location was only available for development purposes (to make testing easier). That’s good news for us, as we didn’t like azure spatial anchors too much on iOS…

Afaik private scans can be used however you want!

Hi @Jelmer_Verhoog, Dylan is correct in stating that for localization purposes, production VPS apps currently require pre-existing VPS-activated wayspots that have gone through the approval process and contain sufficient scan data.

It’s also true that users can place anchors once localized, which is a separate AR-specific runtime process for placing content at a stable pose within the environment. More information on anchor placement can be found in the Using the Wayspot Anchor API documentation.