Does ARDK have persistent area target tracking?

Hello. I would like to trigger AR effect with specific locations at any time? Would I use mesh matching to achieve this? Is this feature supported now?

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Hi Tom, to trigger an AR effect at specific locations I suggest checking out the Basic Placement Tutorial. This will allow you to create virtual objects at specific points that match the mesh generated over the physical location. I hope this helps.

@Erik_Brown Hi, do the placements persist though player sessions? Can I place a 3d object on my desk, go to the shops, grab a coffee, come back, open my phone and the object will still be there on my desk?

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Object persistence is not currently available, though it is in development. Unfortunately, we can’t provide an ETA at this time. It’s also not advised to run AR sessions of that duration based on device/network limitations.

Hi Erik,

Thanks for the answer and very much appreciated - I was rather hoping that the object persistence would be saved to my device’s storage (as it would be in the cloud, but locally) and retrievable upon demand. I’m sure you guys have got this and I’ll keep an eye on future developments :smile:

Many regards and thanks