Does GameBoard (Context Awareness/ Navigation) require LiDAR depth?

  • Issue category: Unity Example Package
  • Device type & OS version: Android 12 (Samsung Tab S8)
  • Host machine & OS version: Windows
  • Issue Environment : On Device
  • Xcode version:
  • ARDK version: 1.2
  • Unity version: 2020.3.26f1

Description of the issue:
When The GameBoard app is run on the device, I get the error saying the Depth estimation is not supported in this device. However, I could run Depth and Occlusion examples. Does GameBoard require LiDAR depth?

Also, when I run the MeshSaver on Windows, it throws the exception below
System.DllNotFoundException: ardk_client_platform
(refer Workaround for System.DllNotFoundException bug)
However, running on the device is successful.

Hi Anusha, GameBoard does not require LIDAR depth. We are still looking into your other issue, and will have more information soon.

Hi Moranda,
When I run the Gameboard App, I get the below log message as shown in the screenshot.
Am I missing something?

I was wrong about the second issue.
Meshsaver also shows the same log message when run on the device (Samsung Tab S8).

Hi Anusha, to confirm the System.DllNotFoundException: ardk_client_platform error is not an issue correct? Are you able to copy and paste the entire error log? Please provide the steps that you used to reproduce the issue, if possible. Thanks.

Hi Anusha, the Samsung Tab S8 is not a supported device. If you are still seeing the error log it’s because native AR features are not supported on Windows. Here is a list of compatible devices. Thanks.

Hi Moranda,
I’m able to run the Depth, Occlusion examples in Samsung Tab S8.
If this device not supported, the depth estimation would also be not possible right?
Is it not supporting any other specific features required for running the Gameboard Character Navigation?

Hi Moranda,

ardk_client_platform error is not an issue. I’m able to run the Depth/Occlusion examples from the ARDK Tutorial using Samsung Tab S8.

I followed the steps in Advanced Meshing Tutorial: GameBoard and I got the error as shown in the screenshots. It says Depth Estimation is not supported.
I’m confused how the Context Awareness Depth Estimation/Occlusion successfully worked if this device actually doesn’t support it.
Do I need to manually configure depth? What am I missing here?

Below screenshot is the missing part of the log you had asked earlier.

Hi Anusha, the Depth & Occlusion tutorial would allow you to build, but the reason you’re seeing the error log is because the device is not supported for the Gameboard tutorial including the features. Thanks.

I see, thank you @Moranda_Nalls1

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