Does not work on Samsung S21

Include the following details (edit as applicable):

  • Issue category: Unity Example Package
  • Device type & OS version: Android Samsung S21 (Android version 11), Samsung S8 (Android version 7)
  • Host machine & OS version: Windows 10
  • Issue Environment : On Device
  • Xcode version:
  • ARDK version: 1.1.0
  • Unity version: 2020.3.17

Description of the issue:
Hello all,

I am trying to make an app with Lightship function.
To test it, I just imported your SDK and examples and…I build it (Scene is PlaneAnchorsScene)
It works fine on my Samsung S8 but It does not work on my Samsung S21 without any error logs.
When I launch the app, it asks permissions so I confirmed it and when I touch start button
the app turned off immediately.

I just simply add my logs on your scripts and when the app try to run session.Run, the app turned off. Is there anyone has same issue?

Hi Park, the reason why the app launched fine on your S8, but not on S21 is likely due to the different Android versions on them. Specifically, Android 11 (on your S21) breaks ARDK due to Google Play Service’s security policy, so you will need to include a tag in your AndroidManifest. There is a how-to guide on how to do so here. Once you have that, it should work again on your S21.

Thanks for your help.
I tried to add this to AndroidManifest.xml :

    <package android:name="" />

and <uses-feature android:name="" /> too.

in AndroidManifest.xml.

I put on this manifest file into Assets → Plugins → Android

I builded it and it still does not work.

Is there anything I miss?

When I did this, at the first time the app didn’t work either but somehow it works now…
I don’t know the precise reason. I just logged on the play store and checked the android AR service and logged out…and the app works… Too weird but works now.

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Great, glad to hear it is working now. Please feel free to open a new topic if you have any other questions.