Dupricate sprite in ARDK Templates

Unity 2021.3
Lightship 2.0.0
latest templates

There is a conflicting file: GUID [9f3996f3358a24d55beed6e58d494580] for asset ‘Assets/LightshipHUB/Runtime/Textures/Models/whitecircle.jpg’ conflicts with:
‘Assets/ARDKExamples/Common/Textures/WhiteCircle.jpg’ (current owner)
Assigning a new guide.

Please fix this in a future release


Hi Dylan,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I was able to reproduce your findings, however we need more information.

  1. Device type
  2. Host machine
  3. Error log if it exists

1 and 2 dont matter. It’s not a runtime issue and it’s on all machines running unity since there are 2 of the same file.
The log was already in the post


This information is for our records; we will forward this to the team. Thanks.

Android and IOS both and windows host then

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Sorry for the late update on this… this is kind of hard to explain but in short:

The LightshipHUB is meant to eventually replace ARDKExamples, and so they are not meant to be used together, so these assets are not really “duplicates”, they are there for their own package to use…
so yea, sorry I don’t think this would get “fixed”… The real fix would be completing LightshipHub and deprecating ARDKExamples but as you can imagine, that’ll take time and there are still samples and assets only available on ARDKExamples so that’s why it is still being supported.

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