Embed Unity ARDK Project in a Native Android Application

I’m trying to build an App where first the user enter their details, navigates through various features of the app, and in 1 screen the app opens this Unity ARDK Project. I have successfully integrated the Unity Project with the iOS App, but I’m facing numerous problems while integrating the same project with Android App. I’ve tried following the Documentation of Unity on how to use Unity as a library in Android however the app still doesn’t work. Can anyone help me out who has earlier worked on integrating Unity Project using ARDK with Android App. Thanks

I suggest the Unity forums as well to ask this

I embedded my app using React Native with this library: GitHub - azesmway/react-native-unity

Its probably too late for you to rewrite your native iOS app, but it might be helpful for the future, or for other developers.

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Hi Samuel,

Unfortunately this isn’t something we support. If you followed the Unity guide and it didn’t work for you, I would recommend trying out the suggestion that has been commented in this post with the React Native plugin. Please note that ARDK isn’t meant to run with other 3rd party plugins so we can’t provide support if you run into any other issues but given that it seems to have worked for at least one user, there’s a good chance it should work for you as well.