Embedding in React Native application

Hi there!

I am trying to embed my Lightship App into React Native and wanted to ask if anyone here has had experience with it, or if you know any features that might make it possible?

So far I have experienced with github but it seems to me, that it doesnt work with Lightship.

If anyone could help me out, I would really appreciate it!


Have a look at this one: GitHub - juicycleff/flutter-unity-view-widget: Embeddable unity game engine view for Flutter. Advance demo here https://github.com/juicycleff/flutter-unity-arkit-demo

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Hi @Josef_Waschlab,

While Lightship is intended to be used in deployed iOS and Android apps that are created with the Unity build system, we found some pages while researching the topic that may be of interest to you:

  • Using Unity as a Library in other applications, Unity Manual: This section of the Unity documentation discusses how to integrate a Unity project into other applications, which is a feature available for iOS, Android, and Windows with Unity 2019 and later.

  • Connecting the dots between react-native and Unity 3D using Gradle, Akbar Sha Ebrahim: This Medium post discusses steps for using React Native as a module within a Unity project, rather than integrating an executable built with Unity into a React Native project. This is a different paradigm than your original ask, but it may be worth consideration if the majority of your experience is Unity-focused and you’d like to overlay a React Native interface.

Let us know if either of these resources are beneficial.