ETFXLightFade garbage allocation

One of the ARDK components (not sure what it does) garbage allocation: Every frame, ETFXLightFade generates a fixed amount per object. This slows down slower devices due to garbage collection. Perhaps this can be optimized or something? (Noticed by a friend of mine - but maybe it helps with performance so will add here just incase its useful to know)

Love your work though! so please don’t think of it as a grumble :O)

Hello Natalie,

Thank you for your comments!

The ARDK does not contain a component called ETFXLightFade. Could you have downloaded it from an external plug-in? There is an ETFX (Epic Toon FX) package that you can download from the Unity Asset Store that contains an ETFXLightFade script. Is this what you’re using?