Far away object placement

Hi there!

There has been a post about the far plane being automatically set to 100m in the occlusion/rendering of placed objects (Far plane forced to 100 meters), and I wanted to ask if this is going to be changed in a future release?

The project I am working on relies heavily on displaying far-away POI in a landscape (where VPS is not an option), and I implemented sky segmentation to overcome this problem. I am still having problems displaying all POI, especially if they are between me and eg. a house/big objects and the rendered objects flicker a lot (although I am currently testing with an old iPhone, hopefully the performance will increase when I switch to a newer one).

I am sure there is a proper workaround (as described in the answer to the above post), but I wanted to know if the far-away clipping might get changed, or if it is going to stay at 100m.


Hi Josef,

The issue from the post you mentioned is currently resolved. You are able to alter the clipping plane beyond 100m.

Also, the DepthBufferProcessor has a MaxDepth float that can be modified, which will allow you to increase that to change the range the depth buffer evaluates the environment.

Wow amazing! I will try and implement it, and will post here if I found a solution that suits my demands

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