Geospatial Browser is not working properly

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  • Issue category: VPS
  • ARDK version: ARDK 3.0 beta

Description of the issue:

I took private mesh at about 11 am today. And I uploaded in private mesh tab. And I checked 10 mins before, and it says that the process is done and activated. But when I click on the mesh the error occurs like the image i add below. Which mesh doesn’t matter.

And also when i import the downloaded file into unity, it doen’t change properly. Just like the one i added in the photo below.


here, the one converted properly into two files is the one i took one week ago

Hi Olivia,

If you’re still experiencing this issue on the geospatial browser, may I have the ID and coordinates of the private scan?

For the other issue, may I know where you’re saving the zip folder to? Make sure you’re not saving it in any part of your Unity project, it has to be saved outside your project and dragged into the Assets window in order for Unity to automatically unzip it.

I don’t know what coordinates of the private scan is.Is it wayspot title?

Also the folder, i am not saving the zip file in the project for sure. I did as what i did before, but the zip folder is not unpacked automatically as usual. The Geospatial Browser and unpacking zip folder is not working correctly right now. Still, i am having issue below. It’s not solved yet.

Hi Olivia,

Can you also verify that you’re using the same email or two different ones in both the Wayfarer app and your account? If they’re different can you list them both or just list the one email if it’s the same email? We need this information to have a look over on our end.

Can you also provide the IDs and Lat/Lng coordinates of the public Wayspots that have given you issues? If there are too many/ all of them then just provide a few.