Getting "Error retrieving your meshes" from My Meshes page in

  • Issue category: VPS
  • Host machine & OS version: Windows
  • Issue Environment : Dev Portal

Description of the issue:

Any time I try to access the “My Meshes” section of the website (having already signed in), I get the following error message: “Error retrieving your meshes. Please try again”. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Hello Julien,

We’ve been able to reproduce the error message which you’ve reported while trying to access the “My Meshes” section of the Lightship. dev and we’re in the process of investigating the issue further.

Your patience is appreciated. Thank you.

Thank you for the prompt response!

Hello Julien,

Thank you for your patience.
The issue you were facing related to access to “My Meshes” should be fixed now. Can you please verify that you can access those without any error?


I can indeed confirm it has been fixed. Thank you again for your help!

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