Gitignore Recommendations in Docs

It would be great to have gitignore recommendations, or a sample gitignore for devs to use with info on what to store and not store in git repos.

One example: would it be best to not store: /Resources/ARDK/ArdkAuthConfig.asset as it includes the API key?


as a sidenote, publishing the ARDK directly to the Unity asset store (/registry) will allow developers to include it in a much more streamlined fashion (i.e through the package manager) which will also greatly contribute to version control, project collaboration and general sanity.

@Patrick_Catanzariti : probably telling you what you already know, but FWIW I’ve been using the vanilla Unity Gitignore and added that file as well as the examples…


Thanks @Michael_Becker ! Yeah, I’ve currently got typical Unity gitignore stuff as generated by - Create Useful .gitignore Files For Your Project

But I was foolish and only just realised the API key file was there too, so I’ll need to check my repos for other Lightship projects I’ve been working on - which led to me thinking others probably won’t think of it either so we should have a subtle mention somewhere for new devs :slight_smile:

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Hello Patrick and Michael, thank you both. Those are excellent suggestions, and important to consider. I’ll pass this information forward to engineering.

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@Michael_Becker I totally agree with you and already submitted a request for ARDK being available through the Package Manager here :slight_smile:

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