Google Maps Platform gaming services is now deprecated including the Playable Locations API, will Lightship provide POI's?


Ingress and Pokémon Go created and currently maintains the Playable Locations API, its lack of mention during the keynote or plan for future support is very unfortunate for those who are wishing to create location based AR experiences outside VPS. Is there any plans on making the Playable Locations API available through Lightship?



Hello Amesh,

In response to your inquiry, no Lightship does not support that API. However something like that is in development with no specific delivery timeframe right now.

Would you mind elaborating on “something like that”? Are you referring to the Virtual Positioning System (VPS) in your roadmap or a new points of interest service?

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Hi Amesh!

Great question, we do not have set plans or timing for making our Wayspots (playable locations, non-VPS) database part of the Lightship developer toolset. This is definitely something we are considering for the future, but we are still in the design phase for planning such a service for 3rd parties.

Please also see our roadmap -
We will continue updating this roadmap as we push out releases: minor releases every ~6 weeks, major releases every ~6 months. And, we will update the community when we have more to share on this topic.

We really appreciate your feedback!

Amanda Whitt, Product Manager on Niantic’s AR Team


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