Happy Keanu Christmas!

Don’t have a Christmas tree? Never fear! With the power of Keanu Reeves and Lightship AR - we can bring Christmas to any tree! My wife Meri and I made this in a few hours as our remote entry for the ARHouse’s first ever meme AR hackathon (themed around Keanu Reeves) :slight_smile:

Wanted to do many more things with this but ran out of time :sweat_smile:


oh my god, this kills me! <3

what is your insta handle and twitter handle?

Hehe glad you enjoyed it :smiley:

Mine and my wife’s and our joint AR one respectively :sweat_smile:
Instagram: patrickcatanzariti, meriamber, meriandpat
Twitter: thatpatrickguy, meriamber, meriandpat

hahahahaha, this is amazing

will be following your works

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Thanks! We should release a few things in the coming months :slight_smile: