Having Trouble Building the ARDK to IOS

I’m trying to build to IOS and I’m pretty sure the issue is missing my Signing Team ID. I’m signing up for a developer account now but I’ve been having lots of issues. In the meantime are there any workarounds to get my builds on my phone to test?

You can try using your personal apple developer account to build and deploy an app to your iOS device.

Here are steps for free provisioning/testing/tinkering on your device:

  1. From within Xcode 8.x or higher (Mac only), navigate to “Xcode—->Preferences—->Accounts.” Hit the ‘+’ icon below left to add your Apple ID*. After you add and select your account, it will show within the main account window on the right under ’Team’ as ‘ (Personal Team)’ w/role ‘User’.
  2. Connect your device (cable only, not wireless) and select it as build destination via the ‘active scheme’ dropdown to the right of the play and stop icons.
  3. In target’s ‘General’ tab/settings:
  4. a. Set an app identifier you want for your free profile - note this must be unique, meaning if it is already in use, you can expect an alert warning if it is already in use and you should enter a different string. If you expect to make this app for store distribution later, you will either need to change again, then, or make a plan now that includes a naming scheme.
    b. Set team id as ‘Personal Team’ …the apple id used w/free provisioning
    c. Hit the ‘Fix Issue’ button below the provisioning profile warning
  • You may have to ‘Fix Issue’ more than once - keep at it so Xcode can step thru them as needed.
  1. Run your app with your device selected.**

More details can be found here: https://developer.apple.com/forums/thread/90133