Hello from Realtime Associates / Realtime Holographic Telepresence

Hello Lightship community - I’m David Warhol, a video game developer since the '80s, originally developing Mattel Electronics Intellivision games, then rode consoles for the next 20 years with over 100 commercial releases as the independent developer Realtime Associates. More recently I’m combining advanced technologies for entertainment & other purposes as Realtime Holographic Telepresence. The Lightship launch announcement shaved about three months off my current GPS/AR project! - so I’m excited to be here. My group is available as a development resource and I’m also glad to throw around ideas & talk about game dev history. I can be reached at dw@realtimeht.com .

Welcome David! Sounds like you’ve had quite a developer ride so far :slight_smile: Great to have you here!

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