How to convert Unity CG Animation and Models to USDZ file

Description of the issue:
Currently, I have a requirement to use models created in Unity for use in Reality Kit, so I need to convert the models to USDZ formats. I used this approach (How to easily create AR content for iPhone using Unity), but the result was not as expected. Converted models do not display correctly, and animation on objects does not appear in their converted files. It was also noticed that objects made using the Unity particle system (e.g., confetti) were not converted using this approach.
I also tried to convert by selecting the ‘Export selected as USDZ’ menu from Unity’s main menu bar, but nothing worked. So is there any effective way to convert the unity models, including the particle systems, to USDZ?

Hi Naveen,

I’m sorry to hear you aren’t getting the result you expect. When you try to export part of your scene as a USDZ file, do you get any error messages in the output window? Are you using the latest version of the USD Unity package?

As this topic is more specific to Unity itself rather than Lightship, I would highly recommend you create a thread in Unity’s support forums as the community there would have more experience using that specific package than we would here.

Maverick L.

Hi @Maverick_Liberty Thanks for the reply, Actually I succeeded the export process, but exported object differ from the actual one. The USD package I am using is Version 3.0.0-exp.2.

Can you do a side-by-side comparison of the object(s) in the Unity Editor and the exported counterpart? Have you tried exporting to USDZ using the Recorder rather than the menu? I would recommend you check out Unity’s USD Plugin page for more information.