How to detect the specific private meshing to project the right object

Description of the issue:
Hi! I am trying make a function that detecting the specific meshes to project the right object. If any example that I can check?

p.s My area is not support the VPS system.

Thank you so much! Bro!

Hi Jason,

Private meshes allow developers who are not close to VPS-activated locations an opportunity to localize against local user-generated content. This way you can test the visual positioning system in private.
Please refer to the below documents related to VPS Localization, and how to set up or add meshing to an existing scene can be found here:
Localizing with VPS
Meshing getting started
Also, you can test your private VPS locations using WayspotAnchor. Wayspot anchors allow you to precisely locate your AR content in the real world relative to a VPS-activated Wayspot or Private VPS Location. Please refer to this link for more information.

I hope this helps!