How to get access to new beta version of the map?

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  • Device type & OS version: iOS

Description of the issue:
Hi everyone! We’d like to test the new Lightship map the beta version of it for our new scavenger hunt game in AR.
Is it possible?

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Hey Veronica! I’m Joe from the Developer Relations team, I’d love to connect and learn more about your use case and how we can support with Niantic Maps :smiley: I’ll shoot you an email

Hi Joe,

Thanks for reaching out. We’re creating an app that should have access to maps, so users could complete AR Quest by finding specific objects in different locations and interacting with them. Also, multiplayer would be integrated at some point, so multiple users could integrate with the same object or each other with different AR elements.

Since there’s a new beta version of the Niantic Maps, we’d like to see if this solution could potentially solve our needs.

Thank you

чт, 1 дек. 2022 г. в 19:25, Joe via Lightship Community <>: