How to improve VPS score to Good from Fair?


I am an ingress player and testing out nearby wayspots to enable VPS (and hence the overclock). I have been successful in enabling the VPS with “fair” quality. I was also able to test localization using the wayfarer app but for ingress overclock it seems the localization/mesh score needs to be “good” and not fair.

I have submitted new high quality scans from the wayfarer app as this allows for longer scans but the meshes after re-activation didnt seem to incorporate the new scan information. Is there a way to improve the localization score after the initial set of meshes are determined

Also, is there any way to get rid of the bad meshes?

Hello Sri,

For portals specifically in Ingress, we recommend scanning them in the Ingress app directly to ensure that none of your contributions go to waste.

Regarding localizability, please see these Portal Scanning Techniques. These will help to ensure that you’re creating the highest quality scans possible to help improve the localizability.

Lastly, while you cannot delete bad meshes, if you let us know which meshes you’d like to delete, we could work on your request on our end. I hope this helps!