How to make Wayspot's VPS a PRODUCTION

I ran a scan on a nearby Wayspot and even activated the VPS, the VPS successfully activated but the quality was determined to be Low and Experimental.

I have done the recommended 25+ scans and would like to know why it still does not say Production. The time zone is between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. I performed the scan from 6:00 pm to midnight, and while the scan was successful in the dark and the upload completed successfully, it was not reflected in the number of scans.

I would like to know the recommended method of scanning for Production.
I also have a question about the following Please check here as well.


Sadao Tokuyama

Hello Sadao Tokuyama,
For best results we recommend scanning for VPS when theres a good amount of lighting & also making sure the desired scan is not obstructed by other objects. Also a good method for scanning & localizing a VPS can be found here.
Hope this helps

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@Ben_Abar If a VPS scan is sent with poor quality, is it not registered as scanned data?

Hello Sadao Tokuyama,
It is recommended to capture clear & good quality scans for best results.

Yes, low-quality scans can be saved on the app, and uploaded, and get rejected - and never show in the Approved Scans count on the Wayfarer app.

I’ve created scans at sunset / dusk, and uploaded them all, but not all went on the wayspot. Some must have been too dark to be useful.

I don’t think scans make a wayspot go from experimental to production.

@Ben_Abar @Alicia_Allen

After 110 scans were performed and uploaded, only 36 were reflected on the Geospatial Browser.
The last time I did this, only 36 of the 50 scans were reflected. 36 by chance?

The 3D scans were performed over a wide range of time periods and with no weather or obstructions.
It is not difficult to perform a 3D scan of playground equipment in a park.
Out of 110 scans, I think we maintained a certain level of quality.

I am not at all sure of the best practices for scanning by quality of production, and it seems to me that it is quite too difficult.

Since we can’t even check the quality of the scans on Wayfarer, unless we VPS activate it, is the quality low? It’s also pretty tough to determine if it’s high.

Hi Sadao!

You are correct that the way to have a Wayspot relabeled as Production vs Experimental is by adding a variety of good quality scans. I suspect the reason you’re not seeing your new scans reflected is because activated Wayspots will not automatically add new scans; This is done through a reactivation process. You should be able to start the reactivation process from your Geospatial browser by using the ‘Reactivate’ button which can be seen if you expand the view of a Wayspot.

Please keep in mind that 5 or more new scans are needed to be able to press this button and kick off the process. Another thing to note is that it can take up to 2 business days for this to be complete and for your news scans to be accessible. Regarding your question about how to produce the best quality scans, we do have some great tips on ‘Scanning Best Practices’ in our documentation.