How to move a project from 8th Wall to Lightship in Unity?

Hello everyone, I made a project on 8th wall with the “World Tracking Portal” template but I am making an application in Unity with Lightship, I would like to know if there is any way to “send” this project to Lightship in Unity. Thank you so much.

Not possible.
You have to learn unity and implement that.
For the shader maybe look into stencil portals and use the universal render pipeline in unity

Hi Trazadente!

As @Dylan_Smit mentioned, unfortunately not. There isn’t a straightforward way to convert an 8th Wall project to Unity since 8th Wall projects are built using a web tech stack. This also means that Lightship ARDK’s features and sample projects don’t perfectly mirror 8th Wall’s, vice versa. The portal sample you’re referencing is one of the samples that there isn’t a Lightship equivalent of. The good news is if you want to recreate something similar there are lots of Unity tutorials out there. Also, if you’re new to Lightship our Beginner’s Atlas is a great resource for getting started.