How to synchronize animations MultiPlayer HLAPI

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  • Issue category: Multiplayer
  • Device type & OS version: iOS
  • Host machine & OS version: Mac
  • Issue Environment : Unity Remote / Unity Mock / On Device / Dev Portal
  • Xcode version:
  • **ARDK version1.3.1:
  • **Unity version2020.3.26:

Description of the issue:
I was able to synchronize the position of objects using the multiplayer functionality as in the PongHLAPI in the tutorial. However, the animation when moving is not synchronized and looks unnatural. How can I synchronize the animations as well? I would appreciate an answer.

It is possible to set up unique networked behavior such as animations. The HLAPI FAQ shows how to inherit from NetworkedBehaviour class and use NetworkedField<T> to synchronize arbitrary values (i.e. color in the example). For further information on spawning network objects, you can check out the HLAPI network spawning tutorial.

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Thanks for the reply.
I will try it.

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