Image Detection Documentation and Example Scene are a disgrace

Please update your image detection documentation and example scene.
This is one of the basics for AR and u guys don’t have this on point…
These scripts and the scene are also not in a usable state without making your own adjustments.

I am not the only one saying this I have found multiple complaints here but the problem is not being fixed.

Thank you for the suggestion. We have passed your information on to the appropriate team for review.

It’s so much better than it already was, but indeed needs some work still.
I don’t think it’s used a lot right now, hence the lacking documentation

Hello Justin,

Upon review, we would like to know what adjustments you had to make specifically to the scene and scripts? Could you also tell us about any error’s you are seeing as well as give us screenshots of any error logs you may have. All this information will help us to fix these errors.