Impossible to submit a scan on latest Wayfarer app on iOS

Hi everybody. I recently install the latest version of Wayfarer for iOS available in TestFlight. I try to submit a private scan but the app stay blocked at the Scan Type Window (where you have to choose if it’s a public or a private scan).
I’m connected with a lightship account. I start with the scan button, add a video of 25sec, the video is processed, I click on “DONE” button, then the window “Scan Type” ask me if it’s a Private or a Public scan, I leave “Private” checked, I click on the “NEXT” button but nothing appears… I’m doing something wrong?

  • Issue category: VPS
  • Device type & OS version: iOS / iphone 11 Pro Max and 12 pro max (same issue)

Hello Vincent,

Were you able to submit scans prior to this release? Or is this the first version of the Wayfarer app that you have used?

Could you please confirm that you are using the Wayfarer app version 2.5.1? This version was released recently and addressed many issues the previous version had, including private scans not properly showing up and the app freezing when saving scans.

If you are using that version, could you also please clarify when you last tried to upload your private scan? Even with 2.5.1, there were a few hiccups originally that affected private scans that should now be resolved. I tested out a private scan this morning and was able to proceed past the Scan Type screen. Could you please try one more time to submit a private scan and see if you’re able to proceed?

In the meantime, I will check with the team to verify whether or not there are any issues with the current app version. Thank you!

Hello Vincent,

Are you still getting blocked at the Scan Type selection screen?

If so, to help us better understand the situation in which this bug occurs, could you please clarify the following points:

  1. Are you trying to add a scan to a non-activated wayspot?
  2. If so, could you please provide that wayspot’s coordinates and name?
  3. Are you trying to upload a private scan? (meaning that no wayspot was selected before pressing ‘Scan.’)

Thank you!