'InvalidOperationException' when trying 'ImageDetection' scene

Unity Example Package
On Device
ARDK version: 1.0.1
Unity version: 2020.3.0

Description of the issue:
Hi guys, I’m trying to make the “ImageDetection” scene work on the Unity editor, but I get an invalid operation exception saying “This operation is not supported on this platform.”

Hello, CJ. I’m attempting to recreate the issue on my end, but need to collect a bit of information to help with troubleshooting. What kind of mobile device are you using? Also, it appears that you are using Unity version 2020.3.0. Currently, the ARDK supports 2019.4 LTS. https://lightship.dev/docs/system_reqs.html.

Also, when you mention the issue is on device, and in editor. Are you experiencing it on both?

It’s been some time without a response to the request for more information, hopefully the issue has resolved. I’ll go ahead and close this thread, but please open a new topic if an issue persists.