Is it possible to get the Aspect Ratio of the IARCamera from the ARSession Frame?

Unity 2020.3.f1
Xcode 13.2 beta

I’ve got a post processing screen effect that needs to know the aspect ratio/FOV of the AR camera - it looks like it’s about 30 on my setup but I’m not sure if that is going to be consistent across devices etc. Is there some way for me to grab that from the ARSession/?

Hi Ross,

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Have you tried getting the camera’s aspect ratio by calling its aspect property? Under the hood, the VR camera is still just a regular Unity Scene Camera with some scripts attached to it in order for the ARDK to work.

In this Unity Forums post it’s recommended that you use Camera.aspect or you can also divide the width of the screen by the height.

Ohh… ahh ok thanks!

Sorry - actually I was getting mixed up - it’s the FOV that I need. (I will post a new question)

Hi Ross,

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I do see that you already started a separate post for the FOV issue and it appears to have been resolved as well. I’ll close this thread but if any more issues arise, please feel free to submit a new topic.