Landscape orientation support

I see that landscape mode is not supported on phones currently for AR. Are there any plans to support this in the future and if so when?


Hi Pavan,

Thanks for the great question! Landscape mode isn’t officially supported by ARDK Lightship yet, but some features may already work in landscape mode (e.g. hit testing and non-depth).

We do have plans to add official support for landscape mode in the future, but it’s not currently part of our public roadmap. In general, we’ll be releasing minor updates every six weeks, and major updates every six months. For more information, please visit the roadmap page.


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This application is running in landscape mode.
Hopefully this will be supported in the future!
ipad as well


This surprises me that it isn’t supported? Are you sure you have setup the Player settings correctly?

I’ve just tried building an example scene and it does seem to work in landscape.I was referring to the documentation which says it isn’t supported officially.

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