Lightship ARDK v1.0 BETA is here!

We have released ARDK v1.0, now available for download on!

We sincerely appreciate all the feedback we’ve received so far from our awesome Beta community and are excited to share 1.0 with you. Please let us know how we can improve the experience–all feedback welcome!!

What’s New?
Version 1 comes with a whole bunch of improvements across the board, but chiefly we’ve made improvements to ARDK’s rendering and occlusion pipelines to produce improved occlusions with reduced GPU and memory impact. Accessing these improvements requires using the updated ARDK depth manager.

For a step by step walkthrough of working with the new managers please refer to the tutorials, in particular, Depth Textures Tutorial and Semantic Segmentation Textures Tutorial.

Check out the Release Notes for other changes.

Note: ARDK is not supported by certain Mac models with Apple Silicon processors (‘M1 chips’) as ARDK requires Unity 2019.4 LTS version which is also incompatible with Apple Silicon. The Niantic team is aware of this issue and is working to support this in future versions