portal - Wayspot submission hangs on photo upload

When creating a new Wayspot using Geospatial Browser, the submission hangs

I reproduced this behaviour twice. On the second try I left the submit page going for few hours,but it never completed.
If you click outside of Wayspot submission card, it disappears without any prompts.
The new Provisional Wayspot can be found on my Submitted list, however, it is missing the main photo (reproduced twice).

I tried adding a photo to bug affected provisional wayspot, (upload succeeds, I think), but the photo does not show up afterwards (possibly goes into Review workflow and needs to be approved)?

I’m using latest Google Chrome with several ad blocking and privacy extensions if that helps.

I think someone else has encountered this bug - there are several wayspots (public and approved - how were they approved without a photo?) without a photo in this area:

Hi @Zir - Thanks for reporting this issue. I was able to reproduce this issue on the Geospatial Browser in Our team is looking into the issue! I’ll share an update when the issue has been addressed.

You’re welcome. My specialty is actually quality control, so I had more luck breaking and failing things in Wayfarer app than getting success. Expect more issues coming your way :wink:

Hi Zir, thank you for bearing with us on this. Our engineers have reproduced this in the Geospacial Browser and we’ll notify you as soon as we’ve got a fix in place