Local Parks Project Waypoints

We submitted some points into the app for a parks exploration app we are looking to construct but it’s been more than a week and we only saw one of the points get approved via the app.

We have some interesting applications that we want to use it for or at least explore but need a big enough sample size near us for testing. Any ideas?


Is there any update on this? These spots are near our headquarters and will make testing much easier for us. Thanks!

Hello David,
Thank you for reaching out & inquiring about how to explore & create on the lightship platform. You can start by creating your own wayspots & private VPS location by following the Installing the Niantic Wayfarer App, Guides & Sample Projects.
Let me know if this helps or if you need further assistance.

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We have done this with the Wayfarer App but have gotten no response on our submissions.

We really want to get started on this project as soon as we can but not having a viable place to test our product definitely does not help.

We were told it would take 7 days for submissions to get reviewed and either approved or denied. Seems for some reason that timeframe has gone up drastically since then.

If we can’t get these spots approved or at least reviewed I may have to go back to our board and discuss alternatives for the project. Thanks!!!

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Im having this issue as well, stuff i submitted nearly 10 days ago now still havent been reviewed. I also put stuff in 4 days ago that i was hoping would be reviewed by nownas they are art projects at a bridge being opened and i wanted to go scan then this weekend

I have a feeling since they released the beta app that people are not using it for projects with lightship but instead trying to get waypoints In Various games that Niantic apparently makes as well.

Their queue is probably so full from the influx that they can’t get to legitimate ones that are non game related. It’s sad to see people abuse the system but that is my best guess at this point.

Hopefully someone can respond and give us some clarity on this for those of us actually trying to use the software for it’s original purpose.

The app that you’re developing is also about parks?
That sounds great!

Mines isnt an app for parks, its a bridge with local artwork round it, was hoping to get the stuff in and scanned for it grand opening day so that people could use any niantic app to see the artworks, hopefullybwith the vps and stuff

But the beta app is aimed at developers. If you want to add things to your games then I’ve heard that there’s an option in those games and you shouldn’t use this app.
In fact, this thread shows that by using this beta app for a different purpose, you’re obstructing the real developers, and you still dare to request that your nominations are reviewed although you’re not a developer.

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Hey @ParksProjectUSA ! Thank you for flagging this, not every scan submitted is part of a live app production like yours so this is actually super helpful for us to know which Wayspots need to be prioritized for activation.

Can you email me at joegabriel@nianticlabs.com with more details on your submitted scans/Wayspot nominations and we can take a closer look? Let’s figure this out!

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Hey @StephanG! Thanks for jumping in, sounds like you’re also working on VPS and park related content! The more the merrier :star_struck: Please remember to keep it friendly in the forums, we’re here to support each other on the journey. App development is hard, we love seeing all the different use cases and are here to help you all succeed.

What kind of project are you working on?

Thank you Joe for taking the time to reach out to me. I went ahead and shot off an email to you with all of our details and are looking forward to growing this partnership.


I just want everyone to know that Joe was very helpful in my request and I am marking this as solved.


Hey David,

Thank you for the feedback. We had escalated this to our team internally to make it happen along with Joe. Glad it worked out for your project.



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